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World of Goo Review

You probably haven’t heard of the puzzle game called “World of Goo”. You may have heard of it though, if you’re in the know about all the amazing games that are out there. If you’re a child of the 90’s then chances are you played this game.

This game is an action platformer type. It has an adventure type story with multiple characters and locations. Most of the characters you’ll meet in this game are cute animals who are living in the planet we call Goo.

It’s almost impossible to be this game without playing the graphics in the World of Goo. There are different settings and landscapes with gorgeous backdrops that are filled with many colorful goo creatures. The game also does a great job at showing the world around you in terms of how the world feels to be on the planet Goo.

One of the first points that I thought would be interesting in this game was the different types of planets in the game. They would rotate and would make a big difference in the feel of the game. The environment for this game could have been an Earth type setting or some other earthy setting.

You would be given some enemies to battle and these enemies would be the monstrous monsters that you see in the title. I really like the game’s main character and the ability to move around and turn with the stick. That helps you move through the levels and enemies much easier than usual. Plus there are other types of characters you will be able to choose from depending on which type of game you play.

Since the game is an action-puzzle type with an element of speed, I felt that one particular thing that I really liked was the combo system. In order to move quicker you would need to work your way through the levels and reach the goal in the shortest amount of time possible. This was a nice touch because it took some of the pressure off of being able to figure out a level and move on quickly.


If you love games with many levels that are difficult, this game is something you will definitely want to look into. Don’t let the fact that it’s not quite as popular as other games keep you from checking it out. It’s an amazing game with amazing graphics and music that only adds to the fun and excitement of playing this game.

If you’re looking for an action game with many levels and some tough action then you won’t be disappointed with the World of Goo. It’s a great game with some great game play and is still a lot of fun to play even today.

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