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Threes – A Simple Puzzle Game That Has a Lot of Features

There is not much that could compare to the power of a puzzle game to challenge your brain and keep you excited and engaged. There are hundreds of different games to choose from and I have spent countless hours playing different types of them, which include Word Trivia, Word Searches, Crosswords, Sudoku, Tabu, My Life in Numbers, Stratego, etc.

Puzzle games have been popular for many years. It is a very interactive game that can be played by just about anyone. They are great fun and entertaining. And now you can find online puzzle games on almost every social networking site.

One of the most popular online puzzle games today is called Threes. The core concept behind Threes is very simple. You have to build up your team of three friends and try to win.

Threes offers some very great features that other online games do not. For example there is no trial period. You are able to play for as long as you want to and do not have to pay for it.

This is really important for all of us who enjoy playing games but do not like having to wait for something to get done. There is also no catch to the game. You do not have to pay a monthly fee to play it.

What’s even better about Threes is that you can play it at any time of the day or night. You can play it in the car on the way to work, while you are watching TV, sitting on the toilet in the middle of the night. In fact, I have started playing it at work on a weekend and I have not stopped since.


Players will be challenged on different levels based on the type of questions they answer. There are puzzles that are easy and there are some that are more difficult.

If you love solving puzzles or just like to play games with your friends then you should give Threes a shot. It has everything that makes a good puzzle game and the best part is that you can play it right now for free.

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