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Bejeweled For the iPhone – The Newest Puzzle Game

A Puzzle Game for the iPhone is what makes the Bejeweled World Famous. You can have fun and play the game for hours on end if you want. It’s just that you need to be a little careful when playing it for the first time.

So, just how does Bejeweled work? Here are some tips to help you get started.

The first thing you will need to do is download Bejeweled onto your iPhone. This is easy to do; just go into the app store on your iPhone and search for it. If you see an item labeled Bejeweled World, then you have found it. Once it is downloaded, just open it up and begin playing!

Of course, the free versions do not offer much. However, there are some advanced puzzles to play, and then there are more difficult levels that cost money. Many players agree that the more advanced levels are the most exciting. These puzzles are specially made for the iPhone and give you the chance to try new tricks and strategies as you make your way through the game.

At any time during your Bejeweled gaming experience, you will be given a clue. Some hints are easy to find, while others are difficult. When you get to a puzzle that is really hard, you should look for a hint button, which will allow you to skip ahead to the next level.


The level that you start out at in Bejeweled is usually level 1. Keep moving up, getting hints, and making your way to the next level. You will be surprised at how fast you can make your way up through the Bejeweled world. The game really does pay off in the excitement of playing the game and seeing how far you can go. Bejeweled has so many levels of difficulty that you can advance through them all quickly. There are challenges that offer you points and you can even beat these levels with just one wrong move.

Bejeweled is a very addictive game. Play this game now! Just go to Bejeweled World Famous on the iTunes app store and give it a try.

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